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Third generation self-managing platform.

Long-Term Staking Launched!

ThornCoin Supply

Total Supply

What is ThornCoin

Short and straight to the point.

The Ethereum Blockchain has everything we need for our project; interoperability scalability and sustainability.

ERC20 standard on Ethereum Blockchain. To ensure the above displayed criteria we have decided to use the Ethereum Blockchain as it is already established as one of the best ecosystems in the cryptocurrency field. Going with a complete new blockchain project can cause many problems and we would like to prevent our crypto-investors from any issues and provide them with a stable environment.

We believe that every investor owning ThornCoin has an evergrowing crypto-asset in his/her hands. In the future you'll be able to use THRN in several ways: to make fast and low fee transactions, to exchange it, to stake it and more. Our goal is to disrupt the agenda and provide a global financial crypto-solution for those who seek transparency, security and anonymity without third party interference!

Token Distribution

Technical Specifications

Name ThornCoin
Symbol THRN
Type ERC20
Decimals 18
Total Supply 9,000,000


Jan 10, 2018 ThornCoin Launch; ThornCoin Announcement
Jan 15, 2018 ThornCoin Back-Office
Jan 19, 2018 Pre-Sale & ICO launch Jan 22, 2018
Feb 1, 2018 Launch Short-Term Staking Platform
Feb 9, 2018 Launch Long-Term Staking Platform
Feb 18, 2018 Launch Internal Exchange
March, 2018 List on External Exchanges
April, 2018 Launch Mobile Apps (Android and iOS)
June, 2018 First ThornCoin Burn
Nov, 2018 Launch Decentralized Marketplace
Dec, 2018 2019 Roadmap Announcement

Price Projection Graph

What You Can Do With ThornCoin

Staking, trading & more

LTS Long-Term Staking

Stake your THRN in our staking-pool and earn crypto-interest on a daily basis. All crypto-interest is paid daily and is displayed on our dashboard.

STS Short-Term Staking

Stake THRN in our wallets and you will receive bonus returns every 24h from us. The first year all return percentages will be higher.


You will be able to trade ThornCoin immediately after our last generation internal exchange is launched in February 2018.


In the near future we are planning to launch our decentralized marketplace, where users can use THRN to buy and sell other goods.

ThornCoin LTS

Long-Term Staking, Trading & More

Stake your THRN using the LTS option in our platform in order to earn crypto-interest on a daily basis. The crypto-interest percentages and crypto-capital movements can be tracked on our dashboard. All crypto-interest is calculated and paid in THRN, based on the THRN/BTC momentum price.

Amount (THRN) 100 - 1,000 1,001 - 5,000 5,001 - 10,000 10,001 - 20,000 20,001 - 100,000
Crypto-Interest Up to 43% monthly Up to 43% monthly Up to 43% monthly Up to 43% monthly Up to 43% monthly
Bonus - +0.05% daily +0.10% daily +0.15% daily +0.20% daily
Full Crypto-Capital Release 260 180 160 150 120
Min. Crypto-Capital Lock * 180 90 80 75 60

* You can withdraw your crypto-capital earlier with a flat 25% fee.

ThornCoin STS

Short-Term Staking

Short-Term Staking is a great way to grow your THRN balance. Anyone who is holding ThornCoin in our web-wallets will receive daily crypto-interest payed in THRN.

Q1 2018 Q2 2018 Q3 2018 Q4 2018
Per month 12% TBD* TBD* TBD*
Per day 0.40% TBD* TBD* TBD*

* TBD - To be determined.

Affiliate Program

Share your ThornCoin link with your friends and community

Our referral program is simple and can be used as additional crypto-income from every marketer, or digital service promoter.